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Classic Wedding Car Rental

By: Mark Hale

Classic Cars – The Cooler, Elegant and Simpler Vehicles!

Every Yin has its Yang that seems opposite but is complementary and interconnected, so it is with the classic cars and modern cars. Both classic cars as well as modern cars have great things to offer! However the classic cars have some unique charm that modern cars cannot beat!

Besides the charming cool look, classic cars have several other perks over modern cars! Let us check it out –

  • Simplicity

Unlike the complicated modern cars, classic cars are simple. The multiple buttons and switches in some modern cars confuse riders whereas that is not the case with the classic cars. The classic cars are easy to work on and there is no complicated wiring or chip system to deal with! This simplicity of classic cars makes them an incredible choice!

  • Light Weight and Smaller Size

Most of the classic cars are lighter and smaller as compared to the modern cars. And it is a fact that lighter sports car perform better! So if that is the case then classic sports cars are a great option!

  • No Driving Aids

In case of classic cars there is no traction control, stability control and anti-lock brakes which make it easier for the novice drivers! Usually these driving aids get in the way of enjoying the car completely.

  • Classic Cars Make You a Better Driver

As there are no driving aids in the classic cars it becomes necessary for you to become a better driver else you may crash! Learning threshold braking, throttle control, correcting understeer and oversteer becomes necessary for you to avoid any messy situation!

  • Classic Cars Are Cool and Attention Grabbers

Imagine you are at a car meet and find two cars parked next to each other, one is a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom and the other one is a 1965 Princess Rolls Limo which has been restored beautifully. Which one will grab your attention more? It’s obviously the classic Rolls Limo! There is something incredible about the classic cars that make them a cool attention grabber!

Elegant and classic cars

At Claremont Vintage Limo we believe that the classic cars are cooler! However, buying a classic car is not the cup of tea for all! That is why; we provide classic car rentals at the best price so that people can take pleasure in a ride in classic cars. Are you in Los Angeles and looking for a reliable classic car rental near me? Then look no further we at Claremont Vintage Limo are best bet for you!

Whether you need a classic car for movie shoot near Los Angeles or for your wedding or just for a photo session, we carry three most stylish classic cars that are 1965 Princess Rolls Limo, 1958 Black Silver Princess Rolls and 1936 Ford Phaeton Car.

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