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classic car rentals in riverside

By: Mark Hale

Tips To Choose Wedding Classic Car Rentals in Riverside


On your big day, you deserve the best of everything. Along with all the pomp and grandeur, Classic Car Rentals in Riverside will make sure your entrance be as kick-ass as the jaw-dropping outfit that you would be wearing.  So let’s roll out the red carpet for you and make the day one that you will always remember. You cannot go wrong with Car Rentals in Riverside to make your day go as smoothly as possible. Our Classic Car Rentals in Riverside will ensure that you arrive on time and in luxury.

Claremont Vintage Limo’s Car Rentals near Riverside are perfect for themed parties. The chauffeurs are not only safe and experienced drivers but friendly and courteous as well.

The saying – “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” holds true when it comes to hiring a classic car for a wedding or otherwise. After all, not everybody is a member of the classic car club! These old beauties had a huge influence on people at their time and that’s why they are also called milestone cars. In fact, they are quite popular amongst wedding couples and why would not they be? A Classic Vintage Wedding Car puts the final touches on a special day and makes your wedding stand out.

Therefore, we give you the top five tips that will make it easier for you to hire Classic Car Rentals near Riverside.

Book Early: As Vintage Wedding Cars are quite popular these days, it’s important to book your favorite one in advance. Booking a Classic Car Rental is no less important than booking a wedding venue. So, you can start looking for the right company to book the car as soon as the wedding date is announced.

User Reviews: Of Course, you must choose the vintage car that has special meaning for you, but there is no harm in being a little practical. So, you should check the rating of the company as well as the car you are opting for.

Vehicle Condition: Before signing the agreement, it is recommended to check the condition of the classic car, after all, the details matter! Air conditioner, mechanical parts, interior, exterior, and everything else that is important for you.

License and Insurance: Booking a Classic Wedding Car for the that does not have a license or insurance can put you in trouble. To avoid getting tangled in a web of problems, it is wise to check renting company’s agreement with a licensed and insured body.

Photo Prop: A Classic Car Rental is an opportunity to make a statement. It will be in your social media handles, so you will want to pick the right ride. You can also talk with the car rental company if the same car can be hired for a pre-wedding shoot also.

So, what more reasons do you need to go with Classic Car Rentals in Riverside for your Wedding? Visit Claremont Vintage Limo and customize your favorite vehicle as per the wedding theme. We can arrange vintage cars for you and your guests and decorate the entire wedding transportation that seems like a great way to keep the celebration. For added fun, we can also arrange wedding decor, food and drink, music, and wedding outfit as per the chosen theme.

Hire us and we will strive to exceed your expectations.