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Classic Car Rentals Malibu

By: Mark Hale

Classic Car Rentals in Malibu


We at Clermont Vintage Limo have been in the business since 1991. We see precisely that it is imperative to have the option to guarantee our customer’s security and fulfillment from A-Z while offering Classic Car Rentals in Malibu.

Duty of Care alludes to the demonstration of assuming sensible liability to ensure an individual’s security and prosperity.

On October 6, 2018, information on a horrendous limo crash in New York that killed 20 individuals shook the country. It shocked many about how such an accident might have occurred. Through examinations uncovered that the Ford engaged with the accident did not have the clearance for use and that the driver was likewise not appropriately authorized to drive the vehicle.

Because of the reckless activities of the limo organization liable for the misfortune, numerous other ground transportation administrations are currently tackling the kickback and results of public doubt and concern. This mishap is a misfortune, and our hearts go out to the families who lost friends and family.

To console both our future and regular clients that we view this issue appropriately, and because nobody ought to need to deal with losing friends and family through oversight and carelessness, we have devoted this article to advising everybody on precisely what our commitment to duty of care infers while we offer Car Rentals in Malibu.

Recruiting the Most-Qualified Chauffeurs 

Our chauffeurs are the best drivers driving. We take incredible consideration to vet and prepare them before they have permission to drive with us. Consumer loyalty and security are at the first spot on the list. That is unquestionably an assurance since every one of our drivers comprehends the significance of following rules and guidelines, just as having an intrinsic comprehension of traffic conditions. Any of our limousine chauffeurs dealing with more than 15 travelers have a CDL license. We put a great deal in preparing, record verifications, and drug testing previously and during work.

Having Only Well-Maintained Vehicles 

We put resources into the best vehicles accessible. Because no one loves breakdowns, all cars in our fleet have continuous screening and maintenance by our group of committed mechanics. We are reluctant to bargain concerning traveler wellbeing, and you can have confidence that each of our vehicles consents to local and have appropriate registration.

Guaranteeing Protection and Privacy of Client Data

No one enjoys getting their information utilized unlawfully or in an unapproved way, and here at our Car Rentals Near Malibu, it is no exemption. We completely conform to local guidelines and government laws concerning the utilization of individual data, and you can have confidence that your trust in us is not lost as we take excellent care to get your information in every transaction and inquiry.

Our Continuing Commitment 

We like your trust, and our obligation to you makes us the best, and we certainly love seeing the cheerful demeanors on the entirety of our customer’s countenances. If you are ever out of luck with unique Classic Car Rentals Near Malibu, do not stop for a moment to contact us at Clermont Vintage Limo. We anticipate giving you protected top-notch administration. For every one of you with questions and concerns do not stop for a second to contact us.