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Classic Car Rentals Newport Beach

By: Mark Hale

Top Reasons To Consider A Classic Car Rental in Newport Beach


The saying, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder holds when it comes to hiring a classic car for a wedding or otherwise. After all the vintage car club is unique in itself. These old beauties had an immense influence on the market at their time and that is why they were also known as milestone cars. Though they are not manufactured anymore, people have not lost affection for them. In fact, they’re quite popular amid wedding couples.

Here are the top reasons to consider a Classic Car Rental in Newport Beach for a special event like wedding:

Sophisticated Design:

Though there was no drawing or 3D modeling software back in those days and yet each piece was classic and deserve to become a showstopper. Without any doubt, a vintage car at your wedding will make head turns.

Rich History:

Classic Cars mightn’t look attractive to you, but they hard a glorious history. They’ve been employed in movies, in the front cover of magazines, and driven by well-known people. If you have a vintage car at your disposal, your wedding will be of no less than that of a celebrity.

Vibrant Colors:

Classic Car Rentals near Newport Beach are available in some of the coolest colors – red, white, yellow, beige, turquoise, and many others. You get to pick not just only amid brand but also colors that goes well with your wedding theme.

Make for fantastic pictures:

How a Classic Car with a sophisticated design in your backdrop will not make for a fantastic picture? Classic Cars are also the apple of the eye for photographers to capture the moments. And who know that better than Claremont Vintage Limousines – a leading service provider for Classic Car Rentals in Newport Beach.

Rewarding experience:

A rewarding experience is guaranteed when you rent a classic car for your wedding day. You can add beauty to your D-day & wedding photos, if nothing more. Every dollar spent on renting a classic car for your wedding will be worth the experience.

So, what more reasons you need to reserve a classic car for your wedding? Call Claremont Vintage Limousines to see and choose from our classic car collections. We know than not everyone can own a classic car and therefore vintage car rental is a viable option. For booking, call us on (909) 877-3565!