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Car Rentals in Malibu

By: Mark Hale

Why Have a Classic Car Rental in Malibu at Your Wedding


It is for sure that you desire everything to have meticulous planning on your wedding day. Your wedding day is one of the most unforgettable days which is filled with joy, happiness, sorrow, and love. It is acceptable that to make the day more memorable you want everything to be in perfect order.

That is why you have purchased the best dress, booked the ideal venue, and chosen your guests. However, have you thought anything about transportation during your wedding day in Malibu? Yes, that is where we at Claremont Vintage Limo enter the scene as we make it possible to have an ideal Classic Car Rentals in Malibu.

Reasons to Rent a Classic Car on Your Wedding

Just like all others you also desire to have a grand entrance at your wedding or reception venue. To have such an entry you must have thought of hiring a luxurious car; however, if you have not considered renting a classic car, then continue reading. Reading through you will understand why it is crucial to have a classic car rental.

Making a Grand Entry

If you contact us for Car Rentals in Malibu, it would be possible to have the best car rentals. You will be having a grand entrance at your wedding venue and reception area. Everyone at the venue will be amazed and astonished as they notice you entering the venue in a classic car.

Impress Your Guests

We also make it possible to have Car Rentals near Malibu. So, even if you are near Malibu you can expect to have our services. Having a classic car at your disposal you can impress your guests. Generally, we try to impress our wedding guests by selecting the best venue, having a sumptuous menu, and having luxurious dresses. Guests come prepared to have such astonishment. However, when they notice you alighting from a classic car, they have a unique surprise.

Adding a Classic Touch

You must have seen wedding photos of your parents and grandparents in the family album. You must have noticed them using cars that we now call vintage cars. So, why not have Classic Car Rentals near Malibu from us and travel in a similar nature of car that they used? While watching you using such a car, they will feel nostalgic and you can add a classic touch to your wedding theme.

Car according to the Wedding Theme

It might be that your wedding theme is from a bygone era. It is possible to have cars of that age for your wedding from us. So, the car will not hamper the wedding theme but will successfully be a part of it.

Trying Something New

Having a classic car as your mode of transport on your wedding day will be a new experience. You might have not traveled in a classic car before. So, would that not be ideal to hire such a car and have a new experience before starting a new life journey?

So, by now you must have decided to have a Classic Car Rentals in Malibu on your wedding day. Give us a call to fulfill your desire.